BLENDS organic perfume oils - Winter natural scents
100% Vegan - 100% Natural

Some of the most pure and precious scents on earth endow our organic perfume oils with depth, romance, and rich aroma. We have searched far and wide for organic and totally solvent-free natural scents.

Our blends use only steam distilled and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extracted oils. No absolutes are used, meaning there is no residue from hexane or other solvents. We pledge that there are NO SYNTHETICS at all in these blends. Just plant extracted scents and pure jojoba and apricot kernal oils. In addition to being 100% natural our blends are over 80% organic. The majority of essential oils used in each recipe are certified organically grown, harvested, and processed. Purity in every perfume.

Our organic perfumes are concentrated, meaning a lasting, vibrant aroma when applied to your skin. We challenge you to try these against a synthetic fragrance. Our natural perfumes will last as long, and what is even more special, a natural perfume will change as it is on your skin, blooming through the hours you wear it.

Our winter themed collection includes 3 blends : Sweet Something, Earthly Delight, and Belov'd Everlasting. They are rich, sumptuous, and delectable, with stimulating and aphrodisiac properties.

Sweet Something is the most recent addition to the Winter range. It is sweet and yet deep and complex, representing the confident woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. It has lighter notes from Petitgrain Sur Fleurs and Rose with Cedarwood, Frankincense and Orris Root on the base end for intensity.

Earthly Delight is an intoxicating blend of Cocoa, Citrus, Golden Champaca, and Clary Sage with slight spiciness from Nutmeg and Cardamon. The Cocoa, a rare CO2 extract, is the most lasting note, leaving a warm chocolate smell on the skin. This is definitely a female scent, and truly delicious.

Belov'd Everlasting is a green, spicy blend suitable for men or women. Notes of Fir, earthy, sweet Orris Root, tart Litsea Cubeba, Frankincense, Allspice, and a base of both Cocoa and Vanilla CO2 make this well-balanced and complex. It has many layers that unfold like a story while worn. Mysterious and enchanting!

Miniature sample vials of each BLEND are now available for you to try before purchasing the full size vial. Price is just $4.00 and the vial will last several applications.

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