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Blissoma SOLUTIONS natural skincare is Award-Winning, freshly prepared, raw, and nutrient dense. Health is beautiful. Be there.
Blissoma SOLUTIONS natural skin care is an Award-Winning collection.
Endorsed by Natural Estheticians and Green Beauty Experts

Fig+Sage Best in Natural Beauty WINNER - Best Budget Friendly Line
Organic Beauty Talk Best in Green Beauty WINNER - Best Natural Facial Mask for All Skin Types

Our ingredients are based in the science of your skin and the unique biochemical reactions that make up your body. We prepare fresh herb extracts, juices, and source seed oils pressed on demand to maximize nutrient content. Our entire formulas are functional. Each ingredient contributes to the total effect of the product.

Life is dynamic and so is your skin. Our skin care collection respects that principle and is built on the same living energy. We gently encourage your daily rhythms of regeneration. All of our products enhance your skin's ability to protect and heal on its own. We feed rather than force, inspire instead of irritate.

What products are right for your skin? You can shop Blissoma SOLUTIONS skincare by color groupings.
See our handy color chart for your recommended products.

Still have questions? Email our Founder and Herbal Chemist Julie Longyear for a personal consultation.

Download our complete PDF catalog to print and study up on our skincare.

For full information on the principles that govern our ingredient choices and creation methods please see our Formula for Healthful Beauty See our Skin Care Intro Sets page for introductory groupings of 4 products chosen just for your skin type. SOLUTIONS products are also available for wholesale purchase.

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Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients You Should Know Booklet
Booklet written by Blissoma Herbal Chemist Julie Longyear on the 19 best anti-aging natural active ingredients for skincare
$ 10.00
Free - Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser and Makeup Remover
*New Product!* Yerba Mate and herb infused organic gel cleanser and makeup remover for ultra sensitive skin and the delicate eye area
$ 31.99
Amend - Facial Solar Repair Anti-Aging Serum
*New Product!* Pomella pomegranate extract and Coenzyme Q10 intensive serum to prevent daily damage on all skin types
$ 48.99
Pure Sensitive Skin Soothing Complex
*New Product!* Ultimate daily calming moisturizer to heal, protect, and balance ultra-sensitive skin
$ 25.99
Bright - Eye Vitalizing Nutrient Serum
*New Product!* Time release Vitamin C and antioxidant serum for anti-aging support and and a beautiful eye area
$ 45.99
Restore Deep Healing Oil Serum
Intensively nourishing oil serum for mature skin, anti-aging, dryness, hormonal problems, and balancing all skin types
$ 36.99
Lift - Intelligent Energy Crème
Daily intensive, antioxidant, radiance-boosting moisturizer for proactive, healthful aging and dry skin types
$ 28.99
Awake - Morning Firming Facial Moisture
Daily morning firming and energizing moisturizer for normal, oily, and combination skin types
$ 25.99
Peace - Evening Facial Créme
Daily evening restorative, smoothing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant moisturizer for all skin types
$ 25.99
Smooth - A+ Perfecting Serum
Daily anti-inflammatory/antibacterial serum with rose oil - for acneic, oily, irritated skin, eczema, dermatitis
$ 25.99
Fresh - Mild Rice Facial Cleanser
Daily organic brown rice based facial cream cleanser for all skin types - Customer Favorite!
$ 31.99
Tone - Adaptive Energy Tonique
Facial toning and refreshing mist for sensitive and demanding skin
$ 25.99
Tone - Intense Hydration Tonique
Facial toning and refreshing mist for normal and dry skin
$ 25.99
Refine - Clay Renewal Treatment
Balancing and perfecting clay mask for all skin types - excellent for acne, hyperpigmentation, dry, and lackluster skin
$ 30.99
Amend - Antioxidant Soothing Lotion
Lightweight soothing lotion to prevent and heal sun damage using scientifically proven whole pomegranate extract
$ 32.99
Clean - Smooth and Sensitive Facial Cleansing Bar
Oatmilk/Lavender creamy cleansing bar - soothing and ideal for all skin types and all ages
$ 12.85
Clean - Mature Moisture Facial Cleansing Bar
Rooibos/Rose/Pomegranate super mild facial bar - revitalizing for dry skin with smooth, rich lather
$ 13.95
Travel Skincare Set - Normal/Sensitive/Combination Skin
*New Product!* TSA compliant natural skincare set with miniature products and organic cotton/hemp cosmetic case
$ 39.95
Travel Skincare Set - Oily/Acneic/Irritated Skin
*New Product!* TSA compliant natural skincare set with miniature products and organic cotton/hemp cosmetic case
$ 39.95
Travel Skincare Set - Mature/Dry Skin
*New Product!* TSA compliant natural skincare set with miniature products and organic cotton/hemp cosmetic case
$ 39.95